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* Instructions *

To talk to me about your case on a preliminary no-charge basis:
  • send a photo (no .pdfs) of your driver's license, passport or other approved I.D. (ask); and

  • include the phrase "cleopatra rules" in your email, to signify that you agree with the following statement:
    I agree that any preliminary discussions I have with the lawyer Simon Shields are for the purpose of considering whether I want to hire him to legally advise me while I self-represent in legal matters. Until such time as we enter into a contract for legal advice and services at an agreed and paid flat-rate fee, our communications do not constitute legal advice and I remain responsible for my own legal affairs. I have read this client page and it's links fully, and I accept the terms therein. By these preliminary legal discussions I incur no fee or charge to myself.
Emails not meeting these requirements may be ignored.

Read these, they're important:

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Most of my files are civil or administrative litigation, and services break down into two types: litigation assessments and litigation support. Be cautioned that I rarely take on a file without being retained to do a full litigation assessment (opinion) first, so isolated unbundled services are not generally economical.

Talk to the Online Lawyer

(or just write me at simonshields@isthatlegal.ca)


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