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Online Lawyer (Ontario)

Welcome to my unique law practice, serving self-representing Ontarians in civil and administrative litigation. I practice in these areas.

I provide self-litigants with two kinds of online help: Litigation Assessment and Guidance (for payment), and Legal Guides (free).
  1. Litigation Assessment and Guidance (For Payment)

    A litigation assessment (also called an 'opinion') provides you with a detailed assessment of the merits of your case so you can make informed decisions about it's conduct. A litigation assessment is almost always necessary for any work I do on a case, except where urgency dictates otherwise. It includes full consultation and a customized, written report on the facts of your case. All our communication is conducted by email.

    If a litigation assessment shows that your case has merit, I can then offer litigation guidance, which is ongoing support through the conduct of your case until resolution. Litigation guidance includes: analysis, interpreting and drafting documents, tactical planning - in short, all that a 'regular' lawyer would do in a bricks & mortar practice, except that you remain self-representing. All our communication is conducted by email.

    My fee quotes for litigation assessments and litigation guidance are flat-rate for the work quoted, and they are HST-free. Terms are pre-payment in full. Payment is either by Interac email money transfer (preferred) or Paypal (with extra charges).

    * If writing back please enter this phrase anywhere in the text: "Cleopatra RULES!" to prove you read this page, and that you know this is not a free legal advice service. Sorry, but it's proven necessary. *

  2. Legal Guides (Free)

    My website also provides Guides in numerous areas of important law (see 'Guides' in the header). These Guides are thorough and provide self-motivated people with most of the resources they need to conduct many areas of litigation themselves, free and without expensive lawyer fees.

    The Guides are not perfect, they are only current to the law at the date stated - and they are subject to mandatory Conditions of Use. But many people have found them to be all they need to conduct success litigation by themselves: see the Testimonials page.

    These Guides are my contribution to the sad state of law in Ontario, serving the rich so well but all others so poorly.

    If you find these Legal Guides useful and wish to donate funds to my favorite charity in appreciation, see this link: Canada-Lefkada (Greece) Cat and Dog Rescue.
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