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Talk to the Lawyer

I offer online litigation assessments (opinions) and litigation support for self-representing clients in a range of administrative and civil litigation in Ontario, Canada. Litigation assessments (opinions) are required before I advise on any case or fact situation.

To talk to me about your case on a preliminary basis:
  • send a photo (.jpeg, .png or .gif, no .pdfs) of your driver's license, passport or other approved I.D. (ask); and

  • include the phrase "cleopatra rules" in your email, to signify that you agree with the following statement:
    I agree that any preliminary discussions I have with the lawyer Simon Shields are for the purpose of considering whether I want to hire him for legal services. Until such time as we enter into a contract for legal services at an agreed and paid fee, our communications do not constitute legal advice and I remain responsible for my own legal affairs. I have read this client page and it's links fully, and I accept the terms therein. By these preliminary legal discussions I incur no fee or charge to myself.
Emails not meeting these requirements may be ignored.


Important Preliminaries
  • You can check my status as a lawyer with the Law Society of Ontario: LSO #37308N.

  • Check that your situation falls within my areas of practice. If I feel that your issue is outside of my experience, or for any other reason, I may decline to provide services.

  • Everything we say to each other in the course of case-related communications is covered by solicitor-client privilege, even if you do not hire me for services.

  • Case narratives: you don't have to send one in the first email, but a case narrative will help me understand your case, and I will probably want it later anyway. This is a preliminary, chronologically-organized narrative of your situation that includes key dates and events, to a maximum of 500 words. Do not send any case-related documents until I specifically request them - though a chronological list of documents (dates, # of page, author, nature of document) related to the case would be useful.

    Talk to the Lawyer



    1. Do you offer legal representation services?

    No, due to physical injuries I am limited in ambulation. All my services are by email, and you continue to represent yourself.

    2. What are your rates?

    Each case is different. I review the case, and then quote a flat-rate fee for work that I think the case needs. Flat-rate means a lump sum fee, not an hourly rate. All fees require prepayment and are HST-free. No refunds. Payment is preferred by Interac. Paypal is available (you can use a credit card) but I add Paypal charges to the fee, and services may be delayed (sometimes days) until fees clear to my bank. I don't start working until the agreed fee is received in my bank.

    3. Can I speak with you on the phone?

    I have a speech handicap that makes practicing law difficult in that medium, so I don't use it for work. Also I prefer email as speech is transient and easily forgotten, whereas email provides a permanent verbatim record of our communications so we can both verify what was said, which is so important in law.

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