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I offer a range of online legal services in administrative and civil litigation in Ontario, Canada. Services include litigation support, litigation opinion, summary advice and legal research.

To talk to me about your case on a preliminary basis, include the phrase "cleopatra rules" in your email - if you agree with the following statement:
I agree that any preliminary discussions I have with the lawyer Simon Shields are for the purpose of considering whether I want to hire him for legal services. Until such time as we enter into a contract for legal services at an agreed fee, our communications do not constitute legal advice and I remain responsible for my own legal affairs. By these preliminary legal discussions I incur no fee or charge to myself.

Talk to the Lawyer!


1. Do you offer legal representation services?

No, due to physical injuries I am limited in ambulation. All my services are by email, and you continue to represent yourself.

2. What are your rates?

Each case is different. I review the case, and then quote a flat-rate fee for work that I think the case needs. Flat-rate means a lump sum fee, not an hourly rate. All fees require prepayment and are HST-free. Payment is by Interac (preferred) or Paypal (extra charges but you can use a credit card).

3. Can I speak with you on the phone?

I have a moderate speech handicap that make practicing law a problem in that medium, so no. I also prefer the verbatim record that emails create.

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