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TAX (Ont)
Assessment Act
Assessment Review Board Act
Cannabis Taxation Coordination Act, 2019
Corporations Tax Act
Employer Health Tax Act
Fuel Tax Act
Gasoline Tax Act
Income Tax Act
Land Transfer Tax Act
Mining Tax Act
Provincial Land Tax Act, 2006
Race Tracks Tax Act
Retail Sales Tax Act
Tax Incentive Zones Act (Pilot Projects), 2002
Tax Increment Financing Act, 2006
Taxation Act, 2007
Taxpayer Protection Act, 1999
Tobacco Tax Act

Canada and Taiwan Territories Tax Arrangement Act, 2016
Canada Revenue Agency Act
Canada-Argentina Income Tax Convention Act, 1994
Canada–Armenia Tax Convention Act, 2004
Canada–Azerbaijan Tax Convention Act, 2004
Canada-Belgium Income Tax Convention Act, 1976
Canada-Brazil Income Tax Convention Act, 1984
Canada–Colombia Tax Convention Act, 2010
Canada–Finland Tax Convention Act, 2006
Canada–Gabon Tax Convention Act, 2004
Canada-Germany Tax Agreement Act, 1982
Canada–Greece Tax Convention Act, 2010
Canada–Hong Kong Tax Agreement Act, 2013
Canada–Ireland Tax Convention Act, 2004
Canada–Israel Tax Convention Act, 2016
Canada–Kuwait Tax Agreement Act, 2002
Canada–Madagascar Tax Convention Act, 2018
Canada–Mexico Tax Convention Act, 2006
Canada-Mexico Tax Information Exchange Convention Act, 1991
Canada–Moldova Tax Convention Act, 2002
Canada–Mongolia Tax Convention Act, 2002
Canada–Namibia Tax Convention Act, 2013
Canada–Korea Income Tax Convention Act, 1980
Canada–Norway Tax Convention Act, 2002
Canada–Oman Tax Agreement Act, 2004
Canada–Poland Tax Convention Act, 2013
Canada–Serbia Tax Convention Act, 2013
Canada–Turkey Tax Convention Act, 2010
Canada–United Arab Emirates Tax Convention Act, 2002
Canada–United States Tax Convention Act, 1984
Disability Tax Credit Promoters Restrictions Act [Not in force]
Dominion Succession Duty Act R
Excise Act R
Excise Act, 2001 R
Excise Tax Act R
Fruit and Vegetable Customs Orders Validation Act
Income Tax Act R
Income Tax Application Rules
Income Tax Conventions Implementation Act, 1995
Income Tax Conventions Implementation Act, 1996
Income Tax Conventions Implementation Act, 1997
Income Tax Conventions Implementation Act, 1998
Income Tax Conventions Implementation Act, 1999
Income Tax Conventions Implementation Act, 2001
Income Tax Conventions Interpretation Act
Multilateral Instrument in Respect of Tax Conventions Act
Payments in Lieu of Taxes Act R
Petroleum and Gas Revenue Tax Act R
Softwood Lumber Products Export Charge Act, 2006 R
Tax Conventions Implementation Act, 2002
Tax Conventions Implementation Act, 2004
Tax Conventions Implementation Act, 2013
Tax Court of Canada Act R
Tax Rebate Discounting Act R
Tax-back Guarantee Act


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