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Death and Other Projects

... what's this?

Death and Other (Crowdfunding) Projects

Ok, 'death' was to get your attention - but the first project: euthanasia is quite real for lots of people, family and friends. Legal euthanasia in Canada has reached it's fifth anniversary in 2020, and what better time to create a one-stop legal resource for it.

This is one of a series of new projects I'm proposing for the 2020s decade. Their immediate goal is to crowd-fund for the creation of resources (and eventually self-litigation projects) on the below topics.

For resources, you can see what I have done already with my Legal Guides (header above) and Latest Word (left sidebar). All of these new projects can benefit from (initially) a thorough legal canvassing and organization of the law, and later they can be enriched by ideas, tactics and third party resources. God help me I might even start a blog on some of them ...

They are not developed yet - and at this point I'm not interested in any litigation projects, it's too premature. Now I'm only interested in getting funding to develop worthwhile resources on the issues for public posting. Not to make any bones about it, but 'crowdfunding' means money to support me while I create the resources, so I can free up time from paying work.

Anything catch your fancy? Anything drive your existence down to your very soul?

(Well, enough to contribute at least ...)

Email me here: Death and Other Projects.



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Competition Act for the Consumer
Note: Remember - I don't only need personal stories, even if they demonstrate problems on the topic. You need to think it through and offer practical solutions, and 'it should be illegal' isn't a solution. If you need legal help on a personal issue, see my Online Lawyer page.

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