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Simon's Litigation Projects

These are a series of new projects I've started in early 2020. Their goal is to develop and accumulate tactics and funding for litigation projects on the below topics.

The projects are not developed yet - and at this point I'm not interested in any cases yet, it's way too premature. Now I'm only interested in developing novel legal tactics to advance worthwhile goals on the issues.

As time goes by with the project you'll see what I mean. Most of these themes can't help but be political - progressively political, as I've selected them that way. They are mostly a list of issues that I have always been legally and politically supportive of, but had to make a living so I couldn't pursue them. And the public legal advocacy groups that remain have not apparently made a significant dent in the problems - so there is no down-side in trying, however arrogant that might sound.

If you have worthwhile ideas on these themes, please write me below: Simon's Litigation Projects.
1. Homelessness

2. Re-Wilding

3. Novel Tort Actions

4. Novel Corporate Challenges

5. Competition Act Litigation
Note: Remember - I want useful tactical ideas, not personal legal situations or cases. If you want to write me about those, see my Online Lawyer page.

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