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About this Website

2018 has been a busy year. Already I've updated the Legal Guides for Small Claims, Welfare, SPPA, ODSP and Human Rights, and am currently working on updating several guides (they are all date-marked at the beginning of each chapter).

Also in 2018 I started a new project drawn from daily case extracts I've been doing for the last four years from the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada. I've found that collections of case extracts create a useful, recent perspective on a wide range of issues, both statutory and common law. You can see these constantly in-progress case extracts at 'The Latest Word', at the website's sidebar.

That, and self-represented people's never ending thirst for legal advice - continues to keep me busy, here in the wonderful - and oh-so-important - world of law.

Simon Shields, LLB
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