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Death to COVID!!

Like I expect everyone else, I'm sick of COVID (though thankfully for me that's only an expression, at least for now!)

The major administrative areas that this site was first built on (social assistance, L&T) and so much of civil litigation for poor people (ie. small claims) have all been largely institutionally-paralyzed since this started, and still are at the beginning on 2022. The only hope of changing that lies in the fact that Ontario's administrative law systems and courts are (finally) taking the oppourtunity to convert themselves to electronic modes, ie. ZOOM (phone conversion was already well under way at March 2020 when COVID struck).

For someone such as myself who has been so heavily critical of the de-personalization of hearings and the alienation inherent in so much of the modern technology used, this is a tragedy - but I'm not going to change that by whining. As I've said before, it's a brave new world and we'd better get used to it.

As for me I'm developing new and interesting Legal Guide projects, as well as new uses for my daily case extracting. Current Legal Guide projects, just started in earnest this month, are in-depth civil appeal and judicial review (JR) Guides. My early 2021 expansion of daily coverage into Ontario Divisional and Federal Court of Appeal courts has given me lots and lots more relevant case extracts (on top of six years worth of Supreme Court of Canada and Ontario Court of Appeal cases) that need a coherent home. I want a very though Guide in these appeal/JR areas - with statutes, rules, practice directions, forms and, of course, cases.

In parallel with this, using my new Drupal sub-domain, I'm updating and expanding a full Canadian Animal Law website.

These are the two areas: animal law and a broad appeal/judicial-review practice, that I want my self-rep practice to focus on in future.

And oh yes, death to COVID!!

Simon Shields, LLB
16 January 2022


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