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Isthatlegal.ca Mission Statement

"To create and maintain exhaustive online public-access Ontario-based legal resources."

Spring is Coming! (almost?)

I'm writing this on an ambivalent 01 March evening, with the days growing ever longer.

My latest website additions are those of 'split' essential statutes, like the Evidence Act (Ont) and the Courts of Justice Act (Ont). This is the treatment of sections (and even sub-sections) of statutes for their essential content, allocating them by natural topics similarly as I've been allocating case extracts. The goal (and result, as far as I can see so far) is the consolidation of cases and statutory provisions into a topical unity, providing the reader with a fuller understanding of the law in any given area. Indeed, this system holds the possibility of containing much of the relevant law under each discrete topic and sub-topic, and when completed resolves to a large degree the 'atomization' of the law that we suffer under - and that I have made such a theme of this website.

This new work is all part of me turning 65 last fall. Moving into semi-retirement allows me to develop the site more along the direction of my interests, which are (as I've mentioned before) - megalomaniacal!

I still have lots to do to keep up my daily case-extracts, existing important Legal Guides, auto-updating and standardization of Guides and to develop new techniques for conveying legal information (like tribunal-rule charts) - but this variety of techniques keeps my brain active which is useful as one ages.


We have to realize that law exists to serve people and to the extent that it's too damn complicated we shamefully fail in that crucial, crucial democratic task. On that theme I spent time in early October to set out a thorough statement of my views at: Democracy, Law and Duty. This piece is really targeted at other legal professionals - trying to guilt them into creating more internet legal guides in areas of their expertise, we'll see if it works (it hasn't yet!).

Contacting Simon

As a consequence of a bad stroke (2017) I have permanent R side walking, R side arm/hand, speech and other handicaps. I no longer use telephones and limit my communications to email (see below). My practice is limited to advice and litigation coaching, and it excludes representation.
*** Since June 2022 I am not taking new clients, so please don't email about your or your client's legal needs, even simple stuff. If you do anyway (and so many do regardless) expect no response - sorry.

Simon Shields, Lawyer
01 March 2023


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