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It's been a busy year. After 23 years of practicing law, the last ten of which I travelled and lived abroad, I had what my neurologist now describes as a 'devastating' stroke last December in Greece. Laid up in a greek hospital for four months, couldn't fly because of leg clots and then the flight out costs $30,000. Thanks to friends (and I do mean friends) who raised the funds and, after stuff you could write a book about, managed to fly me out in April - god bless 'em all.

Three weeks in an Ontario hospital later (having lost 80lbs in the greek hospital) (and $45k OHIP debt, ouch!), I moved to an old friend's home (she's an RN) for another three or so months.

Now it's time to move out on my own. The doctor thinks I'm doing well, but it looks like the use of my right arm is gone (yes, I was right-handed), and I walk with a cane. C'est la vie.

I voluntarily surrendered my law license for 2018, and am considering taking it back soon. But for now I'm doing legal research, for self-represented clients, paralegals and lawyers.

I'm keeping up the website, even expanding into new topics drawn from case extracts (Supreme Court of Canada and Ontario Court of Appeal) I've done daily over the past four years. I've updated the Small Claims, Welfare and ODSP guides since the stroke, so I've thankfully still 'got it' to do this work that I love so much.

Simon Shields
15 August 2018
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