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What a year! - though most of you have your own stories to illustrate that. But it has been the worst for me (other than my medical crisis in 2017). It's like the entirety of human civilization had a stroke, with the COVID virus and it's consequences. The only good thing may be the reduction in human impact on the planet for nature's sake (and even that's not certain).

The virus is stretching the ability of government to respond humanely to society's needs - you can see it. Homelessness is reaching further, and into different and new social classes. The Ontario PC has been surprisingly less draconian that the old Harris government from 1995 but the strains are showing. Conservative ideology is limited at the best of times and they have zero new ideas on how to respond to unforeseen situations. An unfettered return to old conservative habits is simply a recipe for home-grown 'refugee' camps, social panic and paranoia - and further social division between the ultra-rich and the ultra-poor.

We're in a time of huge risk, but also huge oppourtunity. Whether the oppourtunity will take the form of it's usual manifestation in greed, or something socially-focussed is yet to be seen.


Website-wise I've expanded a lot, finally sorting and allocating all of the last six years of appeal court case extracts into a useful resource, and expanding coverage to both the Ontario Divisional Court and the Federal Court of Appeal. The latest (and largest) topics of this 'Latest Word' project were the Superior Court, Appeals and Judicial Review topics.

I still haven't updated the Employment and Consumer Law guides, but I updated most of the other guides in 2020 (which includes a new Retirement Homes guide [as a sub-topic in the Tenant Plus guide]).

Here's to 2021! God help us all ...

Simon Shields, LLB
01 January 2021


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