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About this Site

All my paternal ancestors (and my mother), as far back as I have ever been told about (and that goes back to the Afghan wars of the 1800s), served in wars for 'democracy'. If that principle mean that all citizens should have a say in the making of the laws that govern them, I feel I have inherited a mighty duty to uphold basic democratic principles.

But those principles don't mean anything if the laws that we so democratically make are so confusing, or so expensive, or so poorly-administered - or for whatever other reason are unavailable to citizens - that they may as well not exist.

So my original goal with this website was to provide low-income and otherwise under-serviced Ontario citizens with thorough, accessible legal information that they could use to manage their own legal situations. But over time a second purpose evolved as high internet traffic offered a chance to shift my law practice away from a bricks & mortar office and entirely on-line.

Shortly after that I realized that entirely online - with the advent of widespread broadband (driven by the worldwide spread of cellphone networks) - also meant entirely 'portable'. So 8 years ago I sold or gave away all my stuff, boarded out my beloved cats, gave up the old Toronto apartment and took wholly on the road. At first it was with a touring bicycle, a bit of travel gear and a netbook computer (though over the years I have become a bit more sedate).

While life on the road isn't all it's cracked up to be, luckily it is most of what it is cracked up to be. My travels so far have taken me to the Caribbean, Central and South America, several islands in the South Pacific (four months), New Zealand (six months) and Tasmania (three months). A long 16-month stay in Malaysia was broken by a move to Greece in early September 2011.

I remain in Greece with lots of work to do and nice surroundings to do it in - plus truly fabulous greek cheese, wine, bread, vegetables, fruit and fish to sustain me.

Simon Shields
15 December 2016

Lefkada Island, Greece
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