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Lefkada (Greece) Cat and Dog Rescue

If you find my legal website useful and want to donate money, my favorite charity is Little Friends Lefkada (cat and dog rescue, mostly sterilization) in Lefkada, Greece. I've lived in Lefkada (and Preveza) for five years and personally did trapping for cat sterilization (about 400 cats) and lots of medical rescues.

I know and trust the people there (Marta Voznarova and Sally Hunter do dogs - you can find them on Facebook). They are honest and hardworking in the cause of feral cat and dog rescue work. Any money you give will be sent 100% to the rescue work in Lefkada with none going to administrative overhead. Our only expenses are veterinarian and cat/dog food bills.

Send funds to me by Interac at my email: simonshields@isthatlegal.ca


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