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COVID Civil and Administrative Litigation

This Guide is an attempt to pull together the Ontario law on civil and administrative litigation in the time of COVID. Its goal is to equip readers with that 'COVID-extra' knowledge that might assist them in litigating through this challenging time.

[last updated 14 July 2021]

Superior Court

Superior Court Civil Practice Directions

Civil Litigation 'Portals' (RCP)


Divisional Court Practice Directions

Divisional Court Practice Direction (at February 18, 2021)

This practice directive addresses the commencing, scheduling and filing of materials in all matters in the Divisional Court.

Court of Appeal Practice Directions

Court of Appeal Practice Directions

Small Claims Court Practice Directions

Small Claims

Administrative Law [Hearings in Tribunal Proceedings (Temporary Measures) Act, 2020]

Administrative Law Hearings Procedures

Electronic Hearing Practice and Etiquette

Best Practices and Etiquette for Remote Hearings

ZOOM Tutorials

2020 Limitations and Time Limit Suspension

Limitation Suspension

Residential Tenancies

Residential Tenancies Modifications

Cases of Interest

Covid Cases | Part II

Emergency Statutes

Emergency Statutes

Obsolete and Suspended Practice Directions

Notices No Longer in Effect

I have not done a comparison of these obsolete and suspended practice directions with the 'new' COVID practice directions. It would be logical to list all the current practice directions in one place though, as here: Notices and Orders – COVID-19, leaving these others to an obsolete/suspended list.


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