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To write Simon about his online services on a preliminary basis include your name, town/city and the phrase "cleopatra rules" in the email to signify that you agree with the following statement:
I have read this client page fully and I understand how Simon's online law practice works. I agree that any preliminary discussions I have with Simon are for the purpose of considering whether I want to hire him to assess my legal case and/or advise me while I self-represent in legal matters. Until such time as we enter into a contract for litigation assessment, litigation support and/or other services at an agreed and paid flat-rate fee, my communications with Simon do not constitute legal advice and I remain solely responsible for my own legal affairs. By these negotiation discussions I incur no fee or charge to myself.

Important Stuff Here

  • Verifying Simon

    You can check my status as a lawyer with the Law Society of Ontario: LSO #37308N.

  • Simon's Rates

    Each case is different. I review the case, and then quote a flat-rate fee for work that I thinks the case needs. Flat-rate means a lump sum fee, not an hourly rate. All fees require prepayment. No refunds. Payment is preferred by Interac. Paypal is available (you can use a credit card) but Paypal charges are added to the fee, and services may be delayed (sometimes days) until fees clear to my bank. I won't start working until the agreed fee is received in my bank. All my pro bono (and reduced-rate) work goes to the website, and contingency terms are not available - don't ask for either, they will be refused.

  • What ID information do I have to provide if I Hire Simon?

    The Law Society has a rule that a lawyer cannot provide legal advice to an individual client without knowing the client's name, address, phone number and occupation [ By-Law 7.1, Part III, s.23: Client Identification and Verification]. As well, I must know if you are over 18 years of age for legal competency issues. Business client ID requirements may be more complex, you can discuss them at the time. Identification is also necessary to avoid the rare conflict of interest situation arising, ie. where I may already be advising other parties involved in your case.

  • Can I speak with Simon on the phone?

    I have handicaps that make practicing law difficult by voice, so I don't use it for work. Also I prefer email as speech is transient and easily forgotten, whereas email provides a permanent verbatim record of your communications so both of us can verify what was said, which is so important in law.

  • What Services are Available?

    Most of my files are civil or administrative litigation and they typically break down into two types: litigation assessments and litigation support.

    There are some legal areas that I don't do (eg. WSIB, MVA accidents, family, estates). If you're not sure, ask at the start.

    My legal services are limited scope (ie. no representation) but I will only consider unbundled legal services (ie. part of a case) after I have done a full litigation assessment ,or for other legal professionals (sorry, there is too much mission creep with self-rep cases). Legal research may be available in some cases (ie. if you already have a thought-out tactical plan).

  • Solicitor-Client Privilege

    Everything you and I say to each other in the course of case-related communications is covered by solicitor-client privilege, even if you do not hire me for services.

  • Narratives and Attachments?

    Please don't include attachments until I ask for them, and limit narratives to 500-words at the beginning. For internet security reasons I may refuse to view attachments from prospective clients, this does not apply once hired.


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