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Testimonials and Thank Yous

Below are quotes from some happy clients and grateful website users. 'Testimonial' pages like this are notorious for only selecting the 'good ones', but honestly the only unhappy emails I get are from people who want free legal services (and don't get them) - yes, there is a morale there ;-).


I would like to extend my gratitude for the work you have done in creating and maintaining "isthatlegal.ca".

I recently entered a student-level position at a law firm in Ontario, and have found your website to be an invaluable research tool. Having completed my LLB outside of Canada, my knowledge of Ontario law leaves something to be desired. I frequently use IsThatLegal (in conjunction with other sources) to quickly develop background knowledge on a given area of law.

I am especially impressed with your ability to present key legal information in a way that can be understood by those with little legal experience. The creators of law school textbooks should take note of the way content on IsThatLegal is presented to the reader.

You have made a significant contribution towards making legal information accurate and accessible for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

Kind regards and deepest thanks,



I'm a junior lawyer practicing in Ottawa and I just wanted to let you know what an incredible website you have. I have used it countless times in my life prior to being a lawyer, during articling, and on occasion today when I want a quick digestible overview of an area or topic I don't frequently practice like Small Claims. While I am probably not your intended audience, I think your website is an immense contribution to access to justice, and is just the kind of practical content that democratizes the Canadian legal system!

H.M., Ottawa


Thanks for your frank feedback & info on the ODSP system and options. Much appreciated. And your website is one of the best sources I've found on the web for real, on the ground info about how the system actually works. What you've done there is a great help to folks just in itself.

Blessings to you,



I just wanted to tell you how helpful the Guide to Default in Small Claims (Small Claims Court (Ontario) Law (01 January 2015) Chapter 9 - Default by Defendant) has been. I've searched high and low for this information and you saved me having to retain a lawyer.

S.L. in Toronto


It was very stressful and difficult but I was very fortunate to have your help because it gave me the confidence to get thru this. Thank you very much for everything that you've done for me.

We incredibly managed to do it all in 3 days and it turned out that the time difference worked in our favor...amazing!

I can see that you care immensely for your clients and I'm so happy to have met you. What you're doing for Ontario self-representing people is priceless.

You've also put a lot of time and effort on your website for everyone to read. Ontario is very fortunate to have you.

N.W. in Ottawa


I am a clinic lawyer who works mostly in residential tenancies and income assistance. Often times my clients have a variety of issues outside of my areas of practice, and your website is the first place I refer them to. They have also found it extremely helpful in that they can read it at their own pace to more fully comprehend the issues I am helping them with.

I just wanted to extend my gratitude for this very valuable resource.

LAO Clinic Lawyer


Thank you Simon. You've been very helpful. Diogenes, shining his light on you, would claim he finally found an honest man.



... your straight forward style and consultation service provided me exactly what I was looking for in legal help. Your web site gave me the feeling of dipping into a clear pool, whereas everything else in our legal system is like a bog.



You probably don’t remember me, but I once emailed you saying how brilliant your site was. .... I wanted you to know that more and more your site is becoming one of my “go to” references. I love the clear, clean style of your writing. I feel I can trust the information you provide (as opposed to other legal internet sites). Thank you again.

TM from Alliston


Isthatlegal.ca has provided me with a pre-litigation assessment which was done in a very detailed, timely and thorough manner. All the case law was explained so I understood the implications and I was able to make my decisions based on what would be the best chance for success. I would highly recommend using Simon to assist with your tort law questions, and I would most certainly recommend his services to my friends.

JV from Hamilton


I came upon your website in a “google” search when looking for help when my mother was denied ODSP on grounds that she was “not a person with a permanent or recurrent disability”.

All the information was extremely helpful to me when preparing my request for the internal review. I followed your advice to include how the disability affects lifestyle and ability to self care. I requested a letter from her doctor and re-included all her reports/tests.

I was waiting to get a response before requesting the tribunal board involvement and today we received a response from the internal review that they have reversed their original decision and my mother is a person with a disability. We now have to be re-evaluated for the financial qualifications but this hurdle was huge emotionally.

Thank you for your website and valuable information, it was greatly appreciated!



At first I was a little unsure about hiring a lawyer from the Internet. But hiring and working with Mr. Shields on my case was a lot easier then I could have ever imagined. Simon was a pleasure to work with and a true professional. I don't believe I would have successfully gotten through my small claims case without him. He explained every detail of my case in terms I easily understood and step by step he walked me through my case until the end. He responded to all my questions and concerns in a timely manner. Dealing with any legal matter is stressful but working with Simon definitely eased so much of my anxiety. I feel so grateful to have come across Simon's website.

Thank you so much Simon, I couldn't have done it without you.



We received the Appeal Board's decision this morning ordering my appeal granted because I AM a[n ODSP] "person with a disability".

The procedures and timelines were almost exactly as described on your website, as was the outcome.

Once again, keep up the good work! I have referred many others to your site as an invaluable resource for those navigating the minefield of the government bureaucracy.

P.M., Toronto


I found Mr. Shields very accommodating with respect to the legal opinion I sought; he was direct in letting me know what he expected of me and clear about what I could expect from him. He delivered on all of his promises without variance. I felt his work was thorough. I found the cost for his services very reasonable and he charged exactly what he quoted.



Thank-you so much Simon for your information on Ontario works. I've never seen such an extensive analysis of the system, and how complicated it really can be. Much of your analysis has cleared up a lot of questions in my head while lying in bed at night. (Last night I was glued to my monitor for 6 hours straight)



I just want to say thank you for your web site. Back in May 2009 I had applied ODSP. but refused by directors that I am not a person with disability, I can not afford Lawyers. decide to fight my case my self and one day I find your's website link on google. volla, its like pandora box for me. The information you have post on that site plus step by step guidance for how to prepare submission, Dr. reports and legal facts. rules and regulation and process. every thing is in datail and in simple language, I start following your guidance word by word ,step by step, and file my submission to the tribunal. My hearing date before tribunal was schedual on June 10 ,2010 . but today I recieve a letter from Directors that they are agree that " I am a person with disability. I am very thank full to you that with out you I can not fight for my own right. Thank you very much for a wnderfull,and very help full guide on line



Q. How did you find my online litigation support re quality, promptness, clarity, cost, effectiveness?
A. Simon, as I have mentioned, I have a very high regard on your integrity. You have provided a very good legal service at a very reasonable price. Your legal assessment of the case is very comprehensive, incisive and detail oriented. Your professionalism and legal expertise are SUPERB! I am really glad to have you as my legal counselling.

A.T., Toronto

Just a short note.... to thank you for creating such an informative website.



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