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Conditions of Use

Anyone wishing to use this website may do so on the condition that they agree to the below Waiver and Indemnity. Otherwise, permission is refused.

Why is this necessary?

While I devote a lot of work trying to ensure that the legal information contained in this website is correct, clear and up-to-date, it is a certainty that I have not achieved that goal completely. That is, it is certain that the website contains legal information that is inaccurate, misleading and out-of-date. This is a function of the changeable nature of law, my human fallibility, the complexity of the subject-matter and the large scale of the Isthatlegal.ca project, which is to bring large areas of otherwise unavailable legal information to the people of Ontario.

There is a difference between legal information such as is contained in this website and 'legal advice' that you get directly from a lawyer. Legal information is abstract information on procedures and points of law that is isolated from the specific facts and circumstances of any real world fact situation that you may be facing. Legal information resources such as this website must be that way in order to isolate and address the many, many specific legal situations that arise in real life.

So no legal information resource (or resources) such as this website can prepare you fully for self-management of that situation because real world fact situations invariably involve more issues and factors than can be anticipated in the abstract. If that were not the case then we wouldn't need courts because all legal disputes and situations could be resolved by "just looking it up".

So understand that this website is not a substitute for direct legal advice on your specific facts from a licensed and practising lawyer.

So if you need legal advice or services call a lawyer or paralegal. If you cannot afford to pay for legal services: Locate a Free Clinic in Your Area here.

But if you do use this website for important things, because it is cheaper, more convenient or for whatever other reason - understand that I cannot promise 100% accuracy, clarity or currency of its contents. If I am to continue to provide this public resource I cannot and will not - accept liability or responsibility for any consequences stemming from it's use - EVEN IF IT WAS BECAUSE OF MY ERROR, NEGLIGENCE OR GROSS NEGLIGENCE.

Waiver and Indemnity

ALL WEBSITE USERS agree, in consideration of and as a condition of being permitted to use this website and the information and material contained within it, that they:
  • waive any and all claim/s against Isthatlegal.ca and it's author and operator Simon Shields, EVEN IF IT WAS BECAUSE OF HIS ERROR, NEGLIGENCE OR GROSS NEGLIGENCE and

  • will, if they use this website and the material contained within it for or on behalf of others, fully indemnify Isthatlegal.ca and it's author and operator Simon Shields, for liability, loss, damages and/or injury caused thereby - be such claim/s past, present or future.
Finally, if you use my website and get yourself or someone else into trouble, and then - despite this Waiver and Indemnity - they or you try to sue me for negligence or anything else, don't expect any mercy.

Simon Shields, LLB
December 2016


The author has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this Isthatlegal.ca webpage.

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