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Appeals - Extension of Time to Commence

Sutherland Lofts Inc. v. Peck (Ont CA, 2017)

Here the Court of Appeal briefly restates the criteria to be applied when deciding to grant an extension of time to file an appeal:
[3] The issues the court considers when determining whether to grant an extension of time to appeal are: (1) whether the applicant formed a bona fide intention to appeal within the time limit; (2) the length of and explanation for the delay; (3) any prejudice to the respondent; (4) the merits of a potential appeal; and (5) whether the justice of the case requires that an extension be given. See, for example: Howard v. Martin, 2014 ONCA 309 (CanLII) at para. 26, 42 R.F.L. (7th) 47 (in Chambers); Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. v. Froese, 2013 ONCA 131 (CanLII) at para. 15, 114 O.R. (3d) 636 (in Chambers); and Rizzi v. Mavros, 2007 ONCA 350 (CanLII) at para. 16, 85 O.R. (3d) 401 (in Chambers).

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