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Contract - Unconscionability

Heller v. Uber Technologies Inc. (Ont CA, 2019)

In this Court of Appeal case the court sets out the test for unconscionability in contract in Ontario:
[60] I pause at this juncture to address the proper test to be applied in determining whether a contractual provision is unconscionable. In Ontario, the existing case law establishes that there are four elements to the test. Those elements are set out in Titus v. William F. Cooke Enterprises Inc., 2007 ONCA 573 (CanLII), 284 D.L.R. (4th) 734, at para. 38, recently affirmed in Phoenix Interactive Design Inc. v. Alterinvest II Fund L.P., 2018 ONCA 98 (CanLII), 420 D.L.R. (4th) 335. They are:

1. a grossly unfair and improvident transaction;

2. a victim's lack of independent legal advice or other suitable advice;

3. an overwhelming imbalance in bargaining power caused by the victim's ignorance of business, illiteracy, ignorance of the language of the bargain, blindness, deafness, illness, senility, or similar disability; and

4. the other party's knowingly taking advantage of this vulnerability.

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