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Simon's Megalomaniacal Beta Project


(aka "Simon's Megalomaniacal Beta Project")

Every now and then I get to feeling megalomaniacal, and this is one of those days (it's my birthday!). This project aims to be a beta-test (ie. it's in development even as a beta-test) of a full Ontario-based civil (ie. excepting criminal, but including other federal law) Legal Guide system. I've already done several full tribunal (welfare, ODSP, residential tenant, human rights code and more) and one court (Small Claims Court) Legal Guides, and have been adding case law extracts in most other areas of civil law for the last six years. This has got me thinking that I can (eventually) do full guides in the others. In short, guides to the whole civil Ontario and Canada legal system.

Megalomaniacal? Sure - I warned you. Actually, much of this is already out there on the internet (just not centralized) and I'm not ashamed to link external sites when they're worthwhile (eg. the employment insurance people have a great publication called the DBEP, and it's online now). And of course the statutes, regulations, rules, interpretation guidelines, practice directions etc etc can be linked easily. Many people do not know how to even find appropriate legislative material, much less how to read it properly once they do (statute law is not meant to communicate to citizens, only to lawyers). So with recent case extracts, I (or you too for that matter) can put together pretty good basic resources until I/we get around to improving them.

So let's go!

Simon Shields, Lawyer
05 September 2021

Big Law

1. General Civil Law
2. Civil Procedure
3. Common Administrative Procedures
4. Substantive Topics
5. Constitutional
6. Criminal [not covered]

*** You can still maintain 'most popular' and organize the rest fully, just repeat the 'most popular'.

*** Can use coloured links like this:

Rules of Civil Procedure

*** Do not put content down one link as that would degrade engine searches.

[*** SS note: need to do next is makes sure all the (1) sidebar topics and (2) listed statutes are integrated to this, and statute updating must work here as well. Use checklists.]


1. General Civil Law

These are all topics that apply generally to civil law, regardless of whether you're before a tribunal or a court (and often even to criminal law). Where the topic naturally splits into a 'court' version and a 'administrative' version, I indicate that at the time.

2. Civil Procedure

Civil procedure, along with the common law [see s.3 below], are the origins of the British common law system which Canada has inherited. Practically all legal topics ultimately end up with matters of civil procedure, either in appeals or (where there are no statutory appeals) in judicial review.

Also, naturally grafted onto modern civil procedure are a range of supplementary topics.

Next there are also a range of 'standing' (aka 'party') topics that naturally relate to civil procedure.

Lastly, there are civil remedies.

3. Common Administrative Procedures

The term common here does not mean frequent - rather it means common (ie. shared) with all tribunals in Ontario (federal tribunals will come later). Admin procedures are a different beast than civil procedure, as much of admin procedural law is specific to the administrative topic and the tribunal that govern it. Sorting out exactly what procedures govern a specific admin topic is a messy business, as the law can arise from any of:
  • the Statutory Powers Procedure Act (SPPA),

  • the 'parent' statute and regulations of the topic you are dealing with (ie. for residential tenant law it's the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006),

  • the self-issued 'Rules' of the tribunal,

  • any tribunal-issued Interpretation Guidelines (or similar publications).
Often even the prescribed forms are effectively determinant of the law for practical purposes. As I said, admin law is a strange - and often awkward - beast. But you'd better get used to it, because the courts are dying (really).

Consequently, this section deals with the common admin law that (unless it specifically exempted) applies to your topic and tribunal. The topic-specific procedural rules will be addressed with each topic treatment, not here. Think of this section as a 'module' that can be attached the any specific admin topic or tribunal.

[SS note: this local/module split is really where you want to develop a 'standardized' procedural template/list (for admin initially, but can consider court as well)- ie. notice, time limits, disclosure, pleadings/applications etc; and it may allow sharing of doctrine across issues]

4. Substantive Topics

>>>>>>>>> A

  • Agriculture
    Agriculture Case Extracts
    Agriculture Statutes

  • Animals
    Wild Animal Law (All Canada) Legal Guide
    Animal Cruelty (Criminal) Legal Guide
    Dogs and Cats (Ontario) Legal Guide
    Animal Statutes

    >>>>>>>>>> B

    >>>>>>>>>> C

  • Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
    Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB) Legal Guide

  • Collection Agencies
    Collection Agencies (Ontario) Legal Guide

  • Common law
    Common Law Case Extracts

  • Constitutional
    Charter Case Extracts
    Constitution (Non-Charter) Case Extracts
    Language Rights Case Extracts

  • Consumer
    Consumer Protection (Ontario) Legal Guide
    Motor Vehicle Dealing (Ontario) Legal Guide
    Consumer Statutes

  • Construction
    Construction Liens Case Extracts

  • Contracts
    Contracts Case Extracts

    COVID Statutes

  • Criminal
    Criminal Case Extracts
    Private Prosecution Case Extracts
    Gambling Case Extracts
    Habeas Corpus Case Extracts
    Prisons and Jails Case Extracts
    Criminal Statutes
    Vice Control Statutes
    Penetentiaries Statutes

    >>>>>>>>>> D

    >>>>>>>>>> E

  • Education
    Education Statutes
    Universities and Colleges Statutes

  • Employment Insurance (EI) and Related
    CRB Legal Guide
    Employment Insurance Case Extracts
    EI External Link (DBEP)

  • Employment
    Employment Law (Ontario) Legal Guide
    Employment Case Extracts
    Labour Case Extracts
    Employment-Labour Statutes

  • Energy
    Energy Case Extracts
    Energy Statutes

  • Environmental
    Environmental Law Case Extracts
    Environmental Statutes
    Parks Statutes
    Fisheries Statutes
    Resource Statutes

  • Equity
    Fiduciary Duties Case Extracts
    Equity and Trusts Case Extracts
    Trusts Statutes

    >>>>>>>>>> F

  • Family
    Family Law Case Extracts
    Family-Child Statutes

  • Federal Tax
    Federal Court Case Extracts

  • Financial

    Securities Case Extracts
    Banks Case Extracts
    Financial Services Statutes

    >>>>>>>>>> G

  • Government
    The Legislature Case Extracts
    Elections Case Extracts
    Executive Government (Federal) Case Extracts
    Statutes and Statutory Interpretation Case Extracts
    Government (Executive) (Ont) Statutes
    Government (Financial) (Ont) Statutes
    Government (Executive) (Canada) Statutes
    Government (Financial) (Canada) Statutes
    Legislation Statutes
    Vital Statistics Statutes
    Infrastructure Statutes
    Institutions Statutes
    Ministries Statutes

    >>>>>>>>>> H

  • Housing
    Homelessness Case Extracts
    Housing Statutes

  • Human Rights
    Human Rights (Ontario) Legal Guide
    Canadian Human Rights Act Case Extracts
    Disability Case Extracts
    Pay Equity Case Extracts
    Racism Case Extracts
    Human Rights Statutes

    >>>>>>>>>> I

  • Insolvency
    Insolvency Case Extracts

  • Insurance
    Insurance Case Extracts

  • Intellectual Property
    Copyright Case Extracts
    Patents Case Extracts
    Trade-Marks Case Extracts
    Intellectual Property Statutes

  • International Law
    Private International Law Case Extracts
    Public International Law Case Extracts
    International Trade Case Extracts
    International Trade Statutes
    Foreign Aid Statutes
    Treaty Statutes

  • Internet
    Internet Case Extracts

    >>>>>>>>>> J

    >>>>>>>>>> K

    >>>>>>>>>> L

    >>>>>>>>>> M

  • Medical
    Medical Law Case Extracts
    Medical Statutes

  • Military
    War (Canada) Legal Guide
    Military Law Case Extracts
    Military Statutes

  • Municipal
    Municipal Law Case Extracts
    Municipal Statutes

    >>>>>>>>>> N

  • Native
    Native Law Case Extracts
    Native Statutes

    >>>>>>>>>> O

    >>>>>>>>>> P

  • Pensions
    Pensions Case Extracts
    Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Case Extracts
    Pensions Statutes

  • Police
    Police Case Extracts
    Police Statutes

  • Privacy
    Privacy Legislation Case Extracts
    Privacy Statutes

  • Professionals
    Professionals Case Extracts
    Professionals Statutes

  • Estates
    Estates Case Extracts
    - where's statutes?

  • Property, Real
    Line Fences (Ontario) Legal Guides
    Real Property Case Extracts
    Condominiums Case Extracts
    Easements Case Extracts
    Expropriation Case Extracts
    Landlord and Tenant (Commercial) Case Extracts
    Real Property Statutes

  • Property, Chattel
    PPSA Case Extracts
    Bailment Case Extracts
    Debt Case Extracts

    >>>>>>>>>> Q

    >>>>>>>>>> R

  • Restitution
    Restitution (Unjust Enrichment) Case Extracts
    Gifts Case Extracts

    >>>>>>>>>> S

  • Safety
    Safety Statutes

  • Security
    Security Statutes

  • Social Assistance
    Ontario Works (Welfare) Legal Guide
    Ontario Disability Support Program Act (ODSP)
    Social Assistance Statutes

  • Space

    >>>>>>>>>> T

  • Tax
    Federal Tax Case Extracts
    Tax Statutes

  • Telecommunications
    Telecommunications Case Extracts
    Telecommunications Statutes

  • Tenants
    Residential Tenancis (Ontario) Legal Guide
    Retirement Homes (Ontario) Legal Guide
    Social Housing (Ontario) Legal Guide

  • Torts
    Torts Case Extracts

  • Transport and Travel
    Travel Case Extracts
    Railways Case Extracts
    Transportation Statutes
    Shipping Statutes

    >>>>>>>>>> U

    >>>>>>>>>> V

    >>>>>>>>>> W

  • WSIB
    Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA) Case Extracts

    >>>>>>>>>> X

    >>>>>>>>>> Y

    >>>>>>>>>> Z

    >>>>>>>>>> Archive/Misc

  • Archive
    Commemorative Statutes
    Local Statutes
    Omnibus/Political Statutes


    ++++++ next to do

    >>>>>>>>>> ALLOCATE [from Legal] [statutes] TO NEW/OTHER STATUTE FILES

    . Administrative

    Adjudicative Tribunals Accountability, Governance and Appointments Act, 2009
    g Compensation for Victims of Crime Act
    Consolidated Hearings Act
    Hearings in Tribunal Proceedings (Temporary Measures) Act, 2020
    Judicial Review Procedure Act
    Licence Appeal Tribunal Act, 1999
    Public Inquiries Act, 2009
    g Statutory Powers Procedure Act
    Tribunal Adjudicative Records Act, 2019

    . Arbitration

    Arbitration Act, 1991
    International Commercial Arbitration Act, 2017

    . Class Proceedings

    Class Proceedings Act, 1992

    . Common Law

    Property and Civil Rights Act

    . Contracts

    Accumulations Act
    Apportionment Act
    Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure)
    Assignments and Preferences Act
    Business Records Protection Act
    Construction Act
    Conveyancing and Law of Property Act
    Frustrated Contracts Act
    Industrial and Mining Lands Compensation Act
    Mercantile Law Amendment Act

    . Courts

    Administration of Justice Act
    Bailiffs Act
    l Courts of Justice Act

    . Crown

    Public Authorities Protection Act
    Crown Liability and Proceedings Act, 2019

    . Debts

    Absconding Debtors Act
    Creditors' Relief Act, 2010
    Unconscionable Transactions Relief Act

    . Estates

    Succession Law Reform Act

    . Evidence

    Apology Act, 2009
    Commissioners for taking Affidavits Act
    x Electronic Commerce Act, 2000
    x Evidence Act
    International Electronic Communications Convention Act, 2017
    Interprovincial Summonses Act
    Notaries Act
    Statute of Frauds

    . Execution

    Costs of Distress Act
    Enforcement of Judgments Conventions Act, 1999
    Execution Act
    Foreign Cultural Objects Immunity from Seizure Act
    Foreign Cultural Objects Immunity from Seizure Act, 2019
    Fraudulent Conveyances Act
    Settlement of International Investment Disputes Act, 1999
    International Interests in Mobile Equipment Act (Aircraft Equipment), 2002

    . Foreign Judgments

    x Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments (U.K.) Act
    x Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments Act

    . Juries

    Juries Act

    . Limitations

    l Limitations Act, 2002
    x Real Property Limitations Act

    . Mediation

    Commercial Mediation Act, 2010

    . Parties

    Absentees Act
    Age of Majority and Accountability Act
    Legal Aid Services Act, 1998

    . Penal

    Bail Act
    Christopher's Law (Sex Offender Registry), 2000
    Crown Attorneys Act
    Crown Witnesses Act
    Fines and Forfeitures Act
    x Habeas Corpus Act
    Justices of the Peace Act
    Provincial Offences Act

    . Personal Property

    International Sales Conventions Act
    Personal Property Security Act
    Sale of Goods Act
    Warehouse Receipts Act

    . Tort

    Chase McEachern Act (Heart Defibrillator Civil Liability), 2007
    Civil Remedies Act, 2001
    Good Samaritan Act, 2001
    Libel and Slander Act
    Negligence Act
    Occupiers' Liability Act
    Opoid Damages and Health Care Costs Recovery Act, 2019

    . Venue

    International Choice of Court Agreements Convention Act, 2017

    Administrative Tribunals Support Service of Canada Act
    Avoiding Complicity in Mistreatment by Foreign Entities Act
    Bank for International Settlements (Immunity) Act
    Bills of Exchange Act
    Bills of Lading Act
    Canada Evidence Act R
    Canada Prize Act
    Canada-United Kingdom Civil and Commercial Judgments Convention Act R
    Canadian International Trade Tribunal Act R
    Commercial Arbitration Act
    Competition Act R
    Competition Tribunal Act R
    Constitutional Amendments
    Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act
    Courts Administration Service Act
    Crown Liability and Proceedings Act R
    Depository Bills and Notes Act
    Escheats Act
    Exchequer Court Act
    Federal Law--Civil Law Harmonization Act, No. 1
    Federal Courts Act R
    Freezing Assets of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act R
    Inquiries Act
    Interest Act R
    International Interests in Mobile Equipment (aircraft equipment) Act
    International Sale of Goods Contracts Convention Act
    Interpretation Act R
    Judges Act R
    Law Commission of Canada Act
    Seized Property Management Act R
    Settlement of International Investment Disputes Act
    State Immunity Act R
    Supreme Court Act R


    Simon Notes

    * the above are ALL the legal topics now

    *** by developing a standarized procedural template (both admin and court), CAN I MAKE THE GUIDE-CREATION PROCESS MORE EFFICIENT? (this maps the SPPA issues - any merger possible?)

    . tribunals (appointment, jurisdiction and more)
    . pleadings [can be several 'hearings' (ie. internal review, appeal, reconsideration), repeat template for each] (applications, appeals etc)
    . hearing types [oral, electronic, written]
    . disclosure
    . timelines, and extension 'tests'
    . orders
    . enforcement
    . even include the issue where the trib has nothing [eg. costs]

    * this all started with a consideration of separate websites, don't forget that: this way it's break down you use ITL for the civil court and common tribunal stuff, then a separate website/Guide for everything else

    * ask Pete if I can mimic separate websites with some mucking about with the URLs (ie. www.isthatlegal.ca/contract/... )

    * to get used to website splitting on these themes, re-org ITL accordingly [AND locate 'to-do' topics accordingly as well]; then do brief placeholder blurbs [possibly in /wildanimal mode] so that all are covered (or maybe link to the best site external site out there); gradually improve them all, but do get them listed now

    * really, the civil law and the admin can both be treated in 'modules', it's just that the civil is so much bigger and 'singular' (also has PDs) - while the repeated part of admin is smaller (SPPA, common case law) but the specific tribunal part is larger (with IGs, rules, etc)

    * as I see it now, the work doesn't have any priority sequence, though logically (and in your own practice) it makes sense to do 1. JR, 2. appeals, 3. trial procedure (most of the RCP), then add substantive topics as you want (regardless of whether they are in court, tribunal or none) linking in those guides to civil and admin as needed (but remember, that most admin will stay in the local substantive guide)

    * there will also be some tribunal procedure commonality with the LAT (collection agencies, SABS, HTA, misc licenses etc); where there are multiple tribunals across one topic (ie. agriculture) add the admin module as required

    * remember, there is near-repetition for all this in federal court and federal topics/tribunals

    * locate the substantive topics in the sidebar, and the procedural stuff in the header (WITH pull-down menus)

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