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Sources Linked

Fernandes v. Penncorp Life Insurance Company (Ont CA, 2014)
Boucher v Wal-Mart Canada Corp. (Ont CA, 2014)
Mandeville v. The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Ont CA, 2014)
Hansen v. Williams (Ont CA, 2014)
TMS Lighting Ltd. v. KJS Transport Inc. (Ont CA, 2014)
Berry v. Pulley (Ont CA, 2015)
Ottawa Community Housing Corporation v. Foustanellas (Argos Carpets) (Ont CA, 2015)
Salasel v Cuthbertson (Ont CA, 2015)
Carson v. Kearney (Town) (Ont CA, 2016)
Grand Financial Management Inc. v. Solemio Transportation Inc. (Ont CA, 2016)
Tim Ludwig Professional Corporation v. BDO Canada LLP (Ont CA, 2017)
Zando v Ali (Ont CA, 2018)
Filice v. Complex Services Inc. (Ont CA, 2018)

Cases to be integrated

Ruston v. Keddco MFG. (2011) Ltd. (Ont CA, 2019) [aggravated]
Folland v. Reardon, 2005 CanLII 1403 (ON CA) [loss of chance]
Citadel General Assurance Co. v. Laurence Bank Canada 1997 CanLII 334 (SCC) [tracing/mixing of funds]
BMP Global Distribution Inc. v. Bank of Nova Scotia, 2009 SCC 15 (CanLII) [tracing/mixing of funds]
(Litigation Guardian of) v. Penlon Ltd.) (1994) Carswell Ont. 931 (Gen. Div.) [nervous shock, paras 135-145]
Multi-Tech Contracting 2000 Inc. v. Weston Property Management, 2009 CanLII 31602 (Ont Div Ct, 2009) [simple application of quantum meruit to award value of work done to premises]
Bookman v. U-Haul Co.(Canada) Ltd., 2007 CanLII 37462 (Ont Div Ct, 2007) [the principle of betterment was applied]
Brown v. Godfrey, 2006 CanLII 16540 (Ont Div Ct, 2006) [mental distress damages in contract only where contract for peace of mind]
Henry v British Columbia (Attorney-General) (SCC, 2015) [canvass of charter damages]

Endean v. St. Joseph's General Hospital (Ont CA, 2019) the Court of Appeal ...
damages / apportionment (Negligence Act) 47-49

Plate v. Atlas Copco Canada Inc. (Ont CA, 2019)
- damages / role of crim restitution orders 103-104, 106-110
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