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Judicial Review - Prematurity Exceptons (2)

. Rowe v. College of Nurses of Ontario and al.

In Rowe v. College of Nurses of Ontario and al. (Div Court, 2023) the Divisional Court stated that administrative interlocutory procedures are not subject to JR under the doctrine of prematurity, and here extends it to decisions by a Registrar of a professional regulatory body:
[5] This court has long taken the position that it should not fragment proceedings before administrative tribunals. Fragmentation causes both delay and distracting interruptions in administrative proceedings. It is preferable, therefore, to allow such matters to run their full course before the tribunal and then consider all legal issues arising from the proceedings at their conclusion: Ontario College of Art v. Ontario (Human Rights Commission) (1993), 1993 CanLII 3430 (ON SCDC), 11 O.R. (3d) 798 (Div. Ct.), at paragraph 17. The same principle should apply to a decision-maker such as the Registrar. A court has the discretion to hear an application for judicial review while administrative proceedings are still ongoing. For example, judicial intervention may be warranted in situations where the tribunal clearly lacks jurisdiction to proceed, where the decision, although interlocutory in most respects, determines a particular issue, in which a subpoena would be dispositive of the witnesses' privacy rights; or, where proceeding with the hearing would result in an unfair hearing or a breach of natural justice. Even in those extreme situations, the remedy is discretionary and will be exercised sparingly: Ontario College of Art, paragraph 18. No such circumstance obtains here, except perhaps the determination of an issue, but the record is insufficient for us to decide this question. The Applicant should submit documentation to the Registrar to support his request under subsection 23(6) or (7) of the Code. In the event of a refusal, a full record will exist.


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