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Appeals - Final v Interlocutory On-Point Cases

In a (perhaps mistaken) effort to determine prior-to-the-fact whether an order is final or interlocutory, many cases have 'labelled' procedural steps as one or the other. It appeals to the basic lawyer's instinct to find a 'precedent' that they can present to the court, hopefully serving their client's interests. But with large and vague factors like 'determining the real matter in dispute' at stake when deciding whether an order is final or interlocutory, searching for yes/no certainty may be a bit of a mug's game. Nonetheless, court's do it often - and here are some of the results.

. Sealing orders relating to the parties [interlocutory]
Aquino v. Aquino (Ont CA, 2022), para 6

. Removing an estate executor [final]
Clayton v. Clayton (Div Ct, 2022), para 3

. Dismissal of application to remove the executor of an estate [interlocutory]
Clayton v. Clayton (Div Ct, 2022), para 4

. Dismissing a motion to strike out all or part of a pleading [interlocutory]
Overtveld v. Overtveld (Ont CA, 2022), para 9

. Granting or dismissing a motion to remove or add solicitors of record [interlocutory]
Overtveld v. Overtveld (Ont CA, 2022), para 13

. Striking a Jury Notice [interlocutory]
Belton v. Spencer (Ont CA, 2020)

. Setting aside noting in default and default judgment [interlocutory]
. Payment into Court of Funds [interlocutory]
. On failure to make the payment into court by a deadline, the other side may bring a motion to strike his defence, note in default and default judgment [interlocutory]
1947755 Ontario Ltd. v. Caruso (Ont CA, 2020)

. Statutory Order to Provide Financial Information [final, but only because that's all the main application sought]
Tridelta Investment Counsel Inc. v. GTA Mixed-Use Developments GP Inc. (Ont CA, 2019)

. Validity of service efforts [interlocutory]
Xela Enterprises Ltd. v. Castillo (Ont CA, 2014)

. Removal of solicitors of record [interlocutory]
S.B. v. J.M. (Ont CA, 2020)

. Granting Leave to amend a pleading [interlocutory]
Fram Elgin Mills 90 Inc. v Romandale Farms Limited (Ont CA, 2016)

. Adding a party defendant [interlocutory]
Hunter v. Richardson, 2013 ONCA 731 (CanLII)

. Contempt Motion [final, on these facts]
Chirico v. Szalas (Ont CA, 2016)

. Dismissing Summary Judgment [interlocutory] (and granting it is final: para 33)
Skunk v Ketash (Ont CA, 2016) [but see Vanden Bussche Irrigation & Equipment Limited v. Kejay Investments Inc. (Ont CA, 2016), paras 8-12]

. Striking a claim with leave to amend [final, as it "had the effect of foreclosing amendments to the claims struck"]
Edgeworth v. Shapira (Ont CA, 2020)

. An Order, which may be interlocutory between the main parties, may be final for the interests of third parties
C-A Burdet Professional Corporation v. Gagnier (Ont CA, 2016)

. Leave to Amend Pleading [interlocutory]
Fram Elgin Mills 90 Inc. v Romandale Farms Limited (Ont CA, 2016)

. Granting, lifting or refusal of a certificate of pending litigation [interlocutory]
1476335 Ontario Inc. v. Frezza (Ont CA, 2021)

. Order refusing leave to amend pleadings to plead a new cause of action [Final]
M.E. v. Ontario (Ont CA, 2021)

. Garnishment Order [interlocutory]
Pinder v. Biggar (Ont CA, 2021)

. Granting leave to add third party defendants [interlocutory]
Azzeh v. Legendre (Ont CA, 2017) [para 22]

. Granting leave to amend pleadings [interlocutory]
Azzeh v. Legendre (Ont CA, 2017) [para 23]

. Declaration that action is not limitation-barred [final]
Azzeh v. Legendre (Ont CA, 2017) [para 24]


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