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Human Rights (Ontario) Legal Guide
(01 Mar 2019)


A. Statutes and Regulations

Legislative TableCurrent to
ONTARIO HUMAN RIGHTS CODE, RSO 1990, c.H192018, c. 3, Sched. 5, s. 27
Business Practices Permissible to Landlords in Selecting Prospective Tenants for Residential Accomodation (Reg 290/98)95/18

B. Rules

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario Rules and the Social Justice Tribunal Rules are integrated into the 01 March 2019 update of this Guide as of their 24 October 2017 version.

C. Court and Tribunal Cases

Canlii-searched on "Ontario Human Rights Code"

CourtCanlii Current toGuide Current to
Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario01 Mar 2012 - Now-----
Small Claims Court - Ontario01 Aug 2013 - Now-----
Ontario Court of Justice30 Mar 2004 - Now-----
Ontario Superior Court01 Oct 2002 - Now-----
Ontario Divisional Court19 Aug 2002 - Now-----
Ontario Court of Appeal01 Jan 1994 - Now-----
Supreme Court of Canada1876 - Now-----

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