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Service Options

Simon Shields, LLB

Email Consultations

(minimum charge $200)

Email consultations are just what they sound like: online legal consultations. They are not a full litigation service like my litigation assessment service (aka 'opinion') or my litigation support service (ongoing support through the stages of your litigation).

Email consultations are suited to specific situations or issues that are not presently in litigation, and where litigation is not an immanent prospect.

As well, I may limit the documents I review in an email consultation (especially if you send them to me without my asking for them), and I will limit the number of days over which I will provide the consultation.

Given the many different situations in which the need for an email consultation can arise, the specific scope of services for each will be spelled out to you when I send you my fee quote.

  1. Important Preliminaries

    • First, check that your situation falls within my areas of practice. If I feel that your issue is outside of my experience, or for any other reason, I may decline to provide services.

    • Everything we say to each other in the course of email consultation communications is covered by solicitor-client privilege, even if you do not later hire me for services.

  2. What I Need From You

    • A Case Narrative

      This is a chronologically-organized narrative of your situation that includes key dates and events, to a maximum of 500 words. Do not send any case-related documents until I specifically request them - though a chronological list of documents (dates, # of page, author, nature of document) related to the case would be useful for me to select what documents I want to review.

    • Mandatory Statement

      I need you to complete this statement and send it to me by email:
      Simon, I have read your email consultation webpage and am requesting a fee quote for that service in relation to the legal situation I have described to you in my narrative. My name is (insert first and last names). I am 18 years or older. I am not currently legally-represented in this matter. My address is (number and street/ town or city or rural route/postal code). My phone number is (........).
      The Rules of the Law Society of Upper Canada require that lawyers obtain basic ID information from clients, and that (except for second opinions) lawyers must not take on clients who are already represented. This ID information stays confidential with me alone and I will not phone you.

Fee Quote and Payment Terms


Email me at: Simon Shields, LLB

[If the link doesn't work, please write me at and put the phrase "Simon, Can we Talk About an Email Consultation?" in the subject line]

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