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The Latest Word

The 'Latest Word' are topically-organized case extracts taken from the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada since 2015, when I started reviewing all cases from those courts daily.

The result is a useful compilation of what you could say are the very latest, from the very highest in Ontario civil and administrative law.

They don't attempt full coverage of the topics (for that see the 'Legal Guides', in the header), but they do present a rich judicial commentary on them. Also, judges being inclined by nature to be thorough, they often refer to other cases that the courts are favouring on that topic. A single read of a 'Latest Word' topical file will put you more 'in the know' than most other reads of the same volume and time commitment.

I've completed most, but not all, of the topics so far (the War and Line Fences are old and likely to stay old).

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18 Feb 2019
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