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About Self-Representation

With the exception only of the Supreme Court of Canada, Canadians are legally-entitled to represent themselves in any court or tribunal in the country. Additionally, the principals behind small, closely-held corporations are routinely allowed to represent the corporation in Small Claims Court and other tribunals without the need for any special court order (which is required in Superior Court).

But regardless of the type of legal proceeding you are facing, it's commencement and conduct is an often-intimidating (and sometimes tedious) process of paperwork, correspondence, obtaining and exchanging documentary evidence, pre-hearing attendences and hearings - and even formal trials. If you pay a legal professional to do all that 'leg-work' for you, you will be paying them at a rate higher than is warranted for the situation. It's really best if you only pay them for what they are good at, which is understanding and applying the law.

So if you are prepared to take the case in hand: read, plan, prepare and stand up for yourself when it matters - you will be surprised at the results you can achieve. For one thing the lawyer on the other side will quite likely be stunned that you have shown up 'having done your homework' (and perhaps even ill-prepared for it), and the judge or adjudicator will be impressed by your preparation.

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