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Animal Welfare Law

* Fees Go to Cat and Dog Rescue
and Sterilization in Lefkada, Greece

The Work

I offer a range of legal services in the little understood and little practiced area of animal welfare law. Legal fees go to Greek cat & dog rescue work.

I've done prosecution for the OSPCA, got (as far as I know) the largest damage award for a pet dog in Canada (a murder), written three online guides to various areas of animal law (cruelty law, wild animal law and dog&cat law), advised pit bulls on death row, advised a major Canadian animal welfare group continually over 20 years (yes, including elephants - everybody asks about the elephants) - not to mention numerous and sundry dog, cat and 'other' animal situations over the years.

The Charity

The animal welfare work is cat and dog rescue and sterilization in Lefkada, Greece. I lived in Lefkada (and Preveza) for five years and personally did trapping for cat sterilization (about 400 cats) and lots and lots of rescues.

I know and trust the people there (I did cats, Marta Voznarova and Sally Hunter did dogs, you can find them on Facebook). They are honest and hardworking in the cause of feral cat and dog rescue work.

Fees you pay will be sent 100% to the rescue work in Lefkada with none going to administrative overhead. Our only overhead is veterinarian and cat/dog food.
Because it's for legal services you'll have to go through my Online Lawyer page for how that works, and it's not a CRA charity so we can't issue a charitable tax receipt, sorry.

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