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Life on Social Assistance (ODSP/OW)...

(Most) social assistance workers don't know how hard they can make life for those who have been found (as a legal fact) to be disabled, or otherwise down on their luck. The tiniest thing that for them is a mere after-thought of bureaucratic demand can create situations that threaten your very home and well-being.

I've been doing ODSP and OW law continuously back from when it used to be called 'FBA' and 'GWA', well over 30 years ago. I once counted up my SBT appeals and it was just over 1000 cases.

I offer two types of ODSP/OW services, assessments and SBT appeals. Assessments are to audit your situation and improve you life, and to handle problems that don't require formal appeals.

When those situations can't be handled, and turn to formal legal appeals - like suspensions, overpayments and more, I both have the experience and the knowledge [see my Isthatlegal.ca ODSP Legal Guide] to win your case.

Family or friends (if willing) can pay my fee without it counting as a deductible 'gift', when they sometimes help you financially.

See my Online Lawyer page for how it works.

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