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"The main problem with employment law is that everyone puts up with a lot of crap for fear of losing their job, or getting a bad reference. The next problem is that the law doesn't do enough to punish bad employers - there should be major, major fines and enforcement with serious backbone."
Simon Shields, Lawyer
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--> Employment Law (Ontario) Legal Guide
Table of Contents


Employment Law (Ontario)
(01 January 2016)

Table of Contents

  1. Primary, ESA-Special and ESA-Exempt Employment Sectors
  2. Employee Advocacy
  3. Wages, Holidays and Vacations
  4. Overtime and Hours of Work Limits
  5. Benefit Plans, Leaves and Other Employment Standards Rights
  6. Employment Termination and Wrongful Dismissal
  7. ESA (Employment Standards) Administrative Enforcement
  8. OLRB Procedures For ESA (Employment Standards) Matters
  9. ESA (Employment Standards) Offences and Contraventions
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