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Residential Landlord and Tenant Law (Ontario)
(01 September 2020)

Note 1: On 01 September 2020 I updated the non-payment of rent provisions of the RTA to reflect the important COVID-related provisions of the summer of 2020. See Ch.7, s.11: COVID-era Arrears Agreements and Ex Parte Enforcement.

Note 2: EMCPA Order re Evictions [*New at 08 April 2021*]
Effective 08 April 2021 at 12:01am (noon), under Reg 266/21: Residential Evictions, an order under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act provides that no person (ie. the sheriff) shall attend a residential premises to enforce an LTB eviction order or a writ of possession issued by the Superior Court. This rule is excepted where the LTB or the Superior Court orders that the sheriff expedite enforcement [as per Ch.6 for evictions for illegal activities, safety, damage, and substantial interference with reasonable enjoyment]. This order is the same as prior 'stay-at-home' orders (now expired) that applied to different counties earlier in the year, though this current order is now province-wide. It is anticipated to last for at least 28 days. [current at 10 April 2021]

Table of Contents

    1. Fundamentals
    2. Special and Exempt Premises

    3. Tenant Rights, Responsibilities and Remedies

    4. Termination Fundamentals
    5. Regular Landlord Terminations
    6. Early Landlord Termination for Cause
    7. Non-Payment of Rent Termination
    8. Other Termination Procedures
    9. Termination Defences

    10. Rent Fundamentals
    11. Above-Guideline Rent Increases
    12. Other Rent Proceedings

    13. General Board Procedures
    14. Hearings, Orders and Enforcement
    15. Reviews and Court Appeals
    16. Civil Remedies

    17. Offences


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Residential Landlord and Tenant Law (Ontario) (01 September 2020 edition).