Simon looking earnest in Preveza, Greece
"My father was in the BEF at Dunkirk, mum and he met during their service in the
British army in WWII. That may be the last legitimate major western war. I did a guide on war crimes
because it's so important. In Canada most of us are lucky enough not to have to think
about it in peacetime, but if you're cursed to need it, you should know it."
Simon Shields, Lawyer
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--> War Crimes (Canada) Legal Guide
Table of Contents


War Crimes and Related Law (Canada)
(February 2008)

  1. Overview
  2. Parties
  3. Immunities
  4. Jurisdiction
  5. Main Offences
  6. Supervisory Offences
  7. Ancillary Offences
  8. Procedures and Evidence
  9. Defences
  10. Penalties
  11. Immigration Consequences
  12. The International Criminal Court
  13. "The Crime of Aggression"
  14. "Terrorism"

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