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Both my father and mother served in the UK military in WWII, ostensibly to defend democracy. Democracy has one purpose, to enable all citizens to have a say in their own law-making. Insofar as we as a society fail in the task of making the law work for all of us, then we shame their memory and that of the many, many fine people like them - both living and past.

A truly healthy democracy is one that we all can participate in - equally. I've always believed that democracy can be so, so much better than it is now and legal access is a huge part of the problem.

But, with 'self-represented' people now showing up in droves in all Canadian courts, driven to defending their rights in the only way they can, it's obvious that we have failed in that task. Whether it's due to the commonly absurdly high cost of lawyers, the hopeless complexity of the legal system or any of the many other factors that drive people to legal desperation - we have failed.

This website - IsThatLegal - is my effort to fight this fundamental crisis. It provides quality, detailed explanations of law that matters to people - real people, not corporate elites - to help them take their own rights in hand and fight directly for themselves.

But I can't maintain and grow the website alone. I need your help.

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