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history / delayed discovery paras 10-30
. Sosnowski v. MacEwen Petroleum Inc.
In Sosnowski v. MacEwen Petroleum Inc. (Ont CA, 2019) the Court of Appeal


. Tomec v. Economical Mutual Insurance Company
In Tomec v. Economical Mutual Insurance Company (Ont CA, 2019) the Court of Appeal commented as follows on whether discoverability applies to Insurance Act and SABS (auto insurance) limitations: paras 27-55

. Pioneer Corp. v. Godfrey
In Pioneer Corp. v. Godfrey (Ont CA, 2019) the Supreme Court of Canada discusses two aspects of the law of limitations: 1. discoverability [paras 31-50] and 2. 'fraudulent concealment' [paras 52-53] as it acts as a form of equitable fraud as a time-extending factor in limitations law.

Special Circumstances
. Strathan Corporation v. KhanIn Strathan Corporation v. Khan (Ont CA, 2019) the Court of Appeal the court confirmed to abolition of the doctrine of "special circumstances" in limitations law:
[8] In our view, the motion judge made no error of law in reaching his decision. In fact, we agree with it. As this court held in Joseph v. Paramount Canada’s Wonderland, 2008 ONCA 469 (CanLII), 90 O.R. (3d) 401, the Limitations Act, 2002 abolished the common law “special circumstances” exception, which permitted the court to extend or suspend the running of a limitation period based on special circumstances. The assertion of a new cause of action in the Second Strathan Action is clearly statute barred.

Nunc Pro Tunc
Nadeau v. Caparelli (Ont CA, 2016)

Limitations - Discoverability - Proceeding As An Appropriate Remedy
Presley v. Van Dusen (Ont CA, 2019)

Limitations - General
Apotex Inc. v. Nordion (Canada) Inc. (Ont CA, 2019)

Limitations - Deceased Plaintiff and Time
Lee v Ponte (Ont CA, 2018)

Limitations - Contracting Out of Statute

Limitations - Discoverability

Limitations - Discoverability - Plaintiff's Failure to Review Accounts

Limitations - Discoverability

Limitations - Extension - Fraudulent Concealment

Limitations - Constructive Trust over Real Estate

Limitations - Generally

Limitations - Nunc Pro Tunc

Limitations - Special Circumstances

Limitations - Discoverability

Limitations - Running from date of Statutory Notice

Limitations - False Arrest/Imprisonment

Limitations - Must be Pled

Limitations - Discoverability - "Appropriate Means"

Limitations - Statutory Limitation - Discoverability

Limitations - Discoverability - Investigative Diligence

Limitations - Discoverability

Limitations - Discoverability

Limitations - Repair Efforts Can Delay Tolling [Lim Act s.5(1)(a)(iv)]

Limitations - Interpretation

Limitations - Discoverability

Limitations - Contract - Continuing Breach

Limitations - Acknowledgement

Limitations - Oppression Remedy

Limitations - Discoverablity - When Proceeding Appropriate

Limitations - Discoverability - When Action is Appropriate Means - Collateral Remedies

Limitations - Discoverability - When Action is Appropriate Means - Remedial Behaviour by Defendant

Limitations - Real Estate Purchase Deposit

Limitations - General

Limitations - Foreign Judgments

Limitations - Discoverability - Appropriate Means

Limitations - Discoverability


------------------------------ LIMITATIONS

65. Cosentino v. S. Cosentino Leasing, 2010 ONSC 2611 (Ont Div Ct, 2010) - discussion of when limitation period commences running for solicitor when suing client on bill; possible variation under old and new (2002) Limitation Acts

XX. The expiry of a limitation period is a defence to an action that must be pleaded in a statement of defence: see Beardsley v. Ontario, 2001 CanLII 8621 (ON CA), [2001] O.J. No. 4574 (C.A.), at para. 21 and S.(W.E.) v. P.(M.M.) (2000), 2000 CanLII 16831 (ON CA), 50 O.R. (3d) 70 (C.A.), at paras. 37-38. As such, discoverability, which is relevant to the limitations defence, need not be anticipated by a plaintiff and addressed in her statement of claim: see Huang v. Mai, 2014 ONSC 1156 (CanLII), 119 O.R. (3d) 117, at para 27 and Metropolitan Toronto Condominium Corp. No. 1352 v. Newport Beach Development Inc., 2012 ONCA 850 (CanLII), [2012] O.J. No. 5682, at para. 116.

--------------------------- Limitation

- IMPORTANT CASE: Limitation periods do not commence running until P realizes their LEGAL entitlement: Evangelista v. Number 7 Sales Limited, 2008 ONCA 599 (CanLII)

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