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Litigation Assessments (Opinions)

A litigation assessment is my investigation, assessment and detailed explanation of the merits and weaknesses of your litigation case. It is written specifically to inform self-represented persons of the legal issues they need to be aware of in order to self-manage their case. It is an always necessary step before you decide to commence or defend formal legal proceedings, and it is a natural precursor service to my litigation support service.

Proceeding without a litigation assessment is a lot like starting to build a house without a blueprint; it might look like you are saving money at first but you'll soon find out why you needed it.

My litigation assessment service includes:
  • detailed discussion and document review to determine the key factual, legal and procedural issues of your case
  • identification of available evidence for and against your case
  • identification of available legal remedies
  • identification of any impending limitation period issues
  • explanation of any major expenses involved in pursuing the matter, such as expert report fees, court fees, etc
  • my detailed written opinion on the merits of your case
  • reasonable follow-up discussion to make sure you understand it all.
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