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Litigation Support

Litigation support is a service that naturally follows after having a thorough litigation assessment (opinion) performed. If, after the litigation assessment, you feel confident enough to represent yourself in your civil or administrative litigation proceeding - but still could use some experienced legal help through it all - then you can benefit from my litigation support services.

Litigation support services include:
  • ongoing assessment, advice and proactive tactical planning through the agreed stages of your litigation proceeding; it is available all the way to, and including, hearing or trial (post-hearing reviews, reconsiderations, appeals and collections count as separate proceedings unless otherwise specified)
  • maximum 48 hour responses to all client emails (weekends and holidays excepted)
  • firm completion dates for extensive work
  • review, analysis and explanation of letters, documents and pleadings received
  • content drafting for your letters, documents and pleadings (you still have to physically prepare and deliver/serve them, with my guidance on how to do that)
  • consideration of settlement oppourtunities at all stage of the case
All my litigation support services are specifically addressed at the needs of self-representing litigants. No prior legal experience on your part is assumed or needed.

If you hire me for litigation support, you still directly manage your case as a self-represented individual - but with my online assessment, advice and guidance. I do not go on-record with the court or tribunal for you. All communications between us will be conducted by email (and documents by fax or scan).

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